Are the sample worksheets the same as the content in the workbooks?

The free sample worksheets are some of the sheets taken from the actual workbooks to give our customers a view of our content quality.

What is the total number of worksheets in Maths?

Grade 1 Maths workbooks consist of 316 worksheets.

Grade 2 Maths workbooks consist of 408 worksheets.

Grade 3 Maths workbooks consist of 385 worksheets.

Grade 4 Maths workbooks consist of 369 worksheets.

Grade 5 Maths workbooks consist of 427 worksheets.

All our workbooks include answer sheets.

What is the total number of worksheets in English?

Pre-primary English workbooks consist of 297 worksheets.

Grade 1 English workbooks consist of 225 worksheets.

Grade 2 English workbooks consist of 166 worksheets.

All our workbooks include answer sheets.

How can I check the content of each workbook?

Go to the descriptions section of that workbook. You will find a list of chapters included in it.

Is it necessary to buy the complete set of workbooks?

No. It is not necessary to buy a complete set of workbooks. At the time of purchase, you can choose the topics and difficulty level, as per your requirements.

For example: If your child hasn’t learnt a concept in his class and you don’t want to buy it then you can select any other workbook from another class as per your child’s need.

What do we mean by Annual package?

It means that the package covers all the concepts and chapters for the entire academic year of a particular grade.

For example: Maths Grade 1 Annual package will have all the Maths chapters and concepts covered in Grade 1.

It’s a complete course for an academic session.

Class wise details of Maths Annual Package

Grade 1 consists of 11 topics.

Grade 2 consists of 12 topics.

Grade 3 consists of 12 topics.

Grade 4 consists of 14 topics.

Grade 5 consists of 13 topics.

Each topic has a separate workbook with an answer key in the end.

Class wise details of English Annual Package

Pre-primary consists of 4 topics.

Grade 1 consists of 7 topics.

Grade 2 consists of 5 topics.

Is the 'Cash on Delivery’ option available?

No. We do not offer ‘Cash on Delivery’ mode of payment. However, we offer multiple other ways of making payments. Please choose whichever method is the most convenient for you.

I want to see the worksheets before confirming the order. Do you have any sample worksheets that I can download?

Yes, we have free sample worksheets on our website. They are easy to download and print.

Do you have worksheets on ‘Phonics’?

Yes. You will find them on our website under English workbooks’ Pre-primary category.

My child is preparing for Olympiads. Do you have workbooks and worksheets to help him prepare?

Yes. Our Maths workbooks are designed by India Maths Olympiad head, Ms Garima Jindal. She created worksheets keeping Olympiads in mind.

We also upload test papers specifically for Maths Olympiad.

Do you have mental ability worksheets?

Yes. Our worksheets enhance the child’s mental ability and critical thinking.

How many worksheets should my child do in a day?

1-2 worksheets per day are enough. Each worksheet takes about 20 minutes to solve.

Is there a need to do more questions/refer to any other book after doing these worksheets?

No. The number of questions in these worksheets is enough to give clarity of concept to the child.

Is there any order which my child should follow to do these worksheets?

Within a workbook, we recommend that the child attempts worksheets in the given order. The worksheets are designed in stages. The child must complete the previous stage before moving onto the next.

Other than study content, what can I find on your website that can help parents?

We have blogs on Parenting, Mindfulness, Classroom teaching

Poems, Video tutorials by experienced teachers and experts.

We have resources like a Time table (in various colours), a Habit Tracker (in a variety of colours), a Calendar (also available in many colours) Colouring sheets, and more in PDF format, easy to download and print.
They are all available to you for free.

I am looking for premium quality stationery for my child. Can I find it on your website?

Yes. You can find stationery under the Shop category.

What is a soft copy?

A soft copy is what you can see on your computer and download (and print) as displayed.

Can my child do worksheets online?

As of now, this function is not available but we will be launching it soon.

How much time will it take for my order to deliver?

Time of order delivery depends on the courier service and your location.

Which workbook do you recommend for class KG?

You can visit our English Pre-primary category for worksheets on alphabets, phonics etc.

Which sheets can my 3-year-old child use?

We recommend our alphabet colouring pages. They are a free resource. They are available in easy to download and print format.

Why should I buy 10 books for a class when the entire syllabus is available in a single coursebook?

Our experts from decades worth of their experience have observed that children prefer to study with lighter books.

This way they do not get overwhelmed and do not feel that there is too much work to do.

Moreover, it increases their focus as it gives them a sense of achievable tasks.

Another benefit of concept-wise lighter workbooks is that it’s easy to carry along.

My child doesn’t understand the concept in his class, so I prefer sending him for tuitions. These worksheets will increase his burden. Why should I buy them?

Our workbooks are syllabus based. The instructions are easy to understand and the child doesn’t need adult supervision.

Practising on our worksheets for 20 minutes every day will develop a habit of self-study. Daily practice will strengthen his concepts and you will not need to send him to tuitions.

I prefer a hard copy workbook than printable worksheets, do you have any such option?

Yes, we offer premium quality hard copy workbooks as well.

The worksheets are too difficult for my child. Do you have simple worksheets?

Yes. For example: If your child is in Grade 3 and you are looking for simpler worksheets then you can choose from Grade 2 workbooks.

The worksheets are very simple. I want challenging worksheets for my child. How can you help?

Yes, we offer the flexibility to order from any grade. For example: Your child is in Grade 4 and you are looking for higher difficulty level worksheets then you can choose from Grade 5 concepts.

Do you have worksheets available in Hindi?

They are under development. We will be launching them soon.

Do I need to sit with my child to solve these worksheets?

No. The instructions to attempt the problems are easy to understand. Our goal is to make children self-sufficient and develop the habit of self-study.

How do I report any errors found?

Write to us at

I am interested in buying the workbooks but I can’t afford the price. Can you help me?

Yes. Do write to us at and we will do our best to help you.

Do you have worksheets for middle school?

Not as of now.

I am looking for test papers for my child. Do you have them?

They are under development. We will be launching them soon.

My child is studying ICSE board. Can he still attempt these worksheets?

Yes. Our worksheets are designed in such a way that children studying ICSE curriculum can attempt them with ease.

Are these worksheets CBSE curriculum based?


Can you customise worksheets as per my child’s needs?

Yes. You can customize your order as per your needs while selecting the product.

Do you conduct classes as well?

Not as of now. We will be launching an online study portal called ‘key2gurukul’ this year. This study portal will be for Grade 10. We shall add sessions for other classes gradually.

My child is studying ICSE board. Can he still attempt these worksheets?

Yes. Our worksheets are designed in such a way that children studying ICSE curriculum can attempt them with ease.

I prefer online videos as it engagingly teaches the concept and my child enjoys them thoroughly. Why should I buy these worksheets?

We can use videos to provide rich forms of information. However, till the time a child doesn’t practise it daily by writing. It will only remain a concept in his mind. To understand, apply the concept fully and retain it, we recommend that children solve problems on paper.

I am buying the Maths Annual package for Grade 2. My child has not been taught Multiplication in Grade 2. I don’t need this topic. Give me some discount.

You can choose any other topic from Grade 2 or Grade 1, as per your requirement.

My work demands long hours. I am unable to sit with my child during study time. Can my child do these worksheets in my absence?

Yes. The model of these worksheets is such that your child will be able to do them independently. As a brand, we would like to develop the habit of self-study in children.

How can I cross-check answers to the problems?

At the end of each workbook, you will find an answer key to help you cross-check.