Class 5 | Maths Package | Set of 13 Workbooks | Activity Based Worksheets

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This is a package of 13 Maths workbooks. It contains Geometry, Data handling, Area, Perimeter, Volume, Percentage, Money, Time worksheets for Class 5 students. This package has 400+ Black & White worksheets. All the workbooks come with an answer key in the end.



This is a set of 13 workbooks. It contains Class 5 Maths Division sums, Fractions, Pattern worksheets. There are 400+ Maths worksheets for Grade 5 in this package. 

Each workbook has an answer key at the end. All these worksheets are Black & White. For some added fun, children could colour them after they complete their sheet.  

This package consists of Class 5 Maths worksheets. It has the following Workbooks:

1. Numbers

This workbook has the following chapters

  • Large numbers
  • Skip counting
  • Indian and international system of numeration
  • Number names
  • Place value and Face value
  • Expanded form
  • Predecessor and successor
  • Comparing numbers
  • Forming numbers
  • Rounding off numbers
  • Roman numerals

2. Four Fundamental Operations

This Class 5 Maths workbook has the following chapters

  • Properties of Addition
  • Subtraction (with/without Regrouping)
  • Subtraction statements
  • Addition and Subtraction together
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication sums of large numbers
  • Properties of Multiplication 
  • Division

3. Factors and Multiples

This workbook has the following chapters

  • Factors
  • Properties of factors
  • Divisibility rules
  • Prime and composite numbers
  • Twin primes and co-primes
  • Prime factorisation
  • Highest common factor (HCF)
  • Multiples
  • Properties of multiples
  • Least common multiple (LCM)
  • The Relation between HCF and LCM

4. Fractions

These Fractions worksheets cover the following topics

  • The Fraction of a collection
  • Types of Fractions
  • Like – Unlike Fractions
  • Conversion
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Reducing Fraction to lowest terms
  • Comparing Fractions
  • Addition of Like-Unlike Fractions
  • Subtraction of Like-Unlike Fractions
  • Multiplying sums 
  • Reciprocal
  • Division sums

5. Decimals

This Class 5 Maths workbook has the following chapters

  • Introduction to Decimals
  • Reading and Writing Decimals
  • Tenths, hundredths and thousandths
  • Conversion
  • Place value
  • Expanded form
  • Like-Unlike Decimals
  • Comparing Decimals

6. Percentage

This Class 5 Maths workbook has the following chapters

  • Percentage of Collection
  • Conversion of percentage

7. Geometry

This Class 5 Maths workbook has the following chapters

  • Identification of Angles
  • Measuring Angles
  • Types of Angles
  • Definition of a straight angle
  • Constructing Angles
  • Types of lines
  • Collinear and non-collinear points
  • Polygons
  • Diagonals
  • Triangles
  • Types of Triangles
  • Circle
  • Drawing a Circle
  • Properties of Circle
  • Finding the Radius and Diameter of a Circle

8. Perimeter, Area and Volume

This workbook has the following chapters

  • The Perimeter of a Triangle
  • Area of a Square
  • The Perimeter of a Square
  • Area of a Rectangle with formula
  • The Properties of a Rectangle
  • Area
  • Volume of solids
  • The Perimeter of a Rectangle with formula

9. Measurements

This workbook has the following chapters

  • Units of measurements
  • Standard units of measurements 
  • Conversion to decimal
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Working with measures

10. Money

This workbook has the following chapters

  • Calculation of Money
  • Comparison
  • Counting Money
  • Multiplication
  • Billing
  • Profit or Loss
  • Foreign currency

11. Time

This Class 5 Maths workbook has the following chapters

  • The 24-hour clock
  • Time duration
  • Slow clock & fast clock
  • Time difference
  • Bill payday
  • Conversion of time
  • Addition and Subtraction of time

12. Patterns

This Class 5 Maths workbook with Pattern worksheets has the following chapters

  • Symmetry
  • Line of symmetry
  • Number Patterns
  • Complete the sequence

13. Data Handling 

This workbook has the following chapters

  • Bar Graph Questions
  • Tally Marks
  • Pie Chart
  • Tally Chart

These Class 5 Maths worksheets are activity-based and specially designed for children. If you are looking for Grade 5 Maths worksheets on Fractions, Patterns then do give our workbooks a try. 

Pattern worksheets are easy to follow. This allows children to study without adult supervision and makes them independent.  

Say bye to boring complicated Fractions and Patterns worksheets.

Add fun to division sums for class 5.

We can proudly say that our workbooks make Hindi, Maths and English concepts so interesting that your child would want to study every day. 

Why is daily practice important for students?

A guaranteed way to succeed at studies is by practising the concepts daily. Studies prove how daily practice can improve a child’s learning abilities. 

Our division sums for Class 5 help the students and their parents with the daily practice of concepts. Easy to understand worksheets uncomplicates concepts for students. 

Parents can also take a break from creating worksheets for children to practice. 

All our workbooks are affordable, comprehensive and application-based. Making your child’s K-12 learning engaging. It eases the experience of homeschooling for the parents as well.

For our Global buyers, these Grade 5 Maths worksheets are available in pdf format. It is easy to download on your device and print. 

For a sneak peek, you can try our free sample sheets. The link is provided below and decide for yourself.

We offer Maths, Hindi, English workbooks and worksheets for Pre-primary till Grade 5.

Maths Test Papers for Grade 6 COMING SOON! 

Watch the space. 

Exclusively designed worksheets by IIT Alumna and experienced Educators.

For our International customers, these worksheets and workbooks are available in pdf format. The customers can easily download on their device and print. 

Our workbooks are available globally. You can order a soft copy from anywhere in the world. 

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Click here to download free sample worksheets.

Happy Workbooking!

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How to Use?
  • It is good enough to let your child attempt only one sheet in a day otherwise he will get overwhelmed and confused.
  • The child to attempt the worksheet in sequence i.e. worksheet no1 first and no2 next as the worksheets are designed from easy to difficult and basic to higher.
  • Each worksheet has a solved example. Help child understand the concept. from the solved example before start doing the worksheet.
  • Guide your child to match answer from answer sheet given in the end of the worksheet package.
  • Some worksheets have foot notes. Help your child go through them for better understanding.
  • The worksheets are black and white. Engage your child to color these. They will find it more interesting.
Why you get Key2practice worksheets?
One concept, 3 difficulty levels- Each worksheet is activity based and gives your child an opportunity to explore. Now, your child will make his/her own decision and think critically and build concept clarity. You will be glad to see your child progress through difficulty levels. Application based approach- All questions are application-based so that your child will know how to think rather than what to think. This will empower your child to approach problems in multiple ways and crack difficult problems easily. Daily practice: Encourage your child to practice daily with one worksheet a day is good which doesn’t take more than 20 minutes.