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Soft Copy Price: $2.52
Hard Copy Price: $4.19

In this chapter on number sense, your child will have fun with bigger numbers and learn maths skills using higher number using 3-digit numbers. Will learn counting numbers, place value, number comparison, even odd and much more.

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In grade 1, he learned using 2-digit numbers. In grade 2, your child will gain deeper understanding of previous concepts and some new concepts but with 3-digit numbers.

Learning to count with understanding is a crucial number skill. But your child needs to develop other skills alongside counting, such as perceiving and comparing numbers, forming numbers, special numbers, to provide a firm foundation for number sense.

Strong number sense developed in the early years is a key building block of learning arithmetic in the primary grades, as it connects counting to quantities, solidifies and refines the understanding of more and less, and helps children estimate quantities and measurements.

Questions in the worksheet are designed to promote strategic thinking in the child.

Includes the following topics:

  1. Number names
  2. Place value and face value
  3. Numbers on abacus
  4. Comparing numbers
  5. Even and odd numbers
  6. Expanded numbers
  7. Skip counting
  8. Forming numbers
  9. Just before, just after and in between
  10. Ordinal numbers
  11. Successor and predecessor
  12. Comparing numbers
  13. Regrouping
  14. More than and less than
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2 reviews for NUMBER SENSE

  1. Pratibha Dixit

    Brilliant content wise

  2. Barkha Singh

    My daughter is really loving solving practice sheets. Earlier I had to prepare sheets on my own or search internet. Since it is as per class and board curriculum it’s really helpful. Keep doing good work.

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How to Use?
  • It is good enough to let your child attempt only one sheet in a day otherwise he will get overwhelmed and confused.
  • The child to attempt the worksheet in sequence i.e. worksheet no1 first and no2 next as the worksheets are designed from easy to difficult and basic to higher.
  • Each worksheet has a solved example. Help child understand the concept. from the solved example before start doing the worksheet.
  • Guide your child to match answer from answer sheet given in the end of the worksheet package.
  • Some worksheets have foot notes. Help your child go through them for better understanding.
  • The worksheets are black and white. Engage your child to color these. They will find it more interesting.