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Sakura Sumo Grip Retractable Eraser (Black) With 2 refills

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This package consists of the following:

  1. SumoGrip Retractable Eraser, black Premium quality, Hybrid PVC foam eraser.
  2. Light and effortless erasing qualities.
  3. Forms dust in strings so desks are always kept clean.
  4. Eraser retains its cleanness so the paper surface remains clean.
  5. Easy to erase for fine points, excellent erasing efficiency.
  6. No harmful phthalates so it can used safely by teens and young adults.
  7. The black color distinguishes this eraser from other generic white vinyl erasers, it keeps a clean visual appearance after repeated use.
  8. Product size-110.0×18.0×18.0mm.
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