Step Two | Pencil Control, Tracing and Patterns




Early Development Series: Step Two - Pencil Control, Tracing and Patterns

STEP TWO (bee tracing) worksheets for english pre-primary

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key2practice is an Indian brand that offers homeschooling materials in the form of workbooks for various academic subjects such as Hindi, English, and Mathematics. The workbooks are created by experts in their respective fields to ensure accurate and high-quality learning materials for students. It is considered India’s top homeschooling brand.

We believe in the social-emotional learning of a child. However, when children spend time on tuition and they are left with significantly less time for themselves to play n do social interactions, the pressure of studying n performance gradually takes away the interest in learning. All of this puts a mental drain on both parents and children.

These workbooks will help to learn the concepts in a fun way. In addition, the child will learn to do self-study. It requires, on average, only 20 minutes to solve a worksheet.

We wish your child a Happy Learning Experience!

Unleashing a world of pencil control, tracing and patterns – one page at a time
A vibrant journey through the world of pencil control, tracing and patterns with 50 artistically designed pages crafted in collaboration with IIT experts. This book is designed to help children learn about colours, shapes, and patterns through creative and visually appealing illustrations. The objects used in the illustrations are chosen to be easily relatable to the child’s everyday life. The activities are included to help the child apply the concepts they have learned. The book also contains exercises encouraging the child to match objects based on their attributes, such as shape, colour, and size, to enhance retention and reinforce learning. In addition, it’s an excellent resource for teaching young children about patterns and problem-solving skills using stickers. Using concrete, hands-on materials like stickers can make learning about abstract concepts like patterns more engaging and accessible for young learners.

STEP TWO (pencil control, tracing and patterns) worksheets for english pre-primary
STEP TWO (game) worksheets for english pre-primary
STEP TWO (music) worksheets for english pre-primary
STEP TWO (tracing) worksheets for english pre-primary

Level Up Your Family Time: Introducing Board Games to Your Child!

Unlock the Power of Music and Tracing with our Worksheet!

Colorful Challenges for Curious Minds: Introducing Our Tricky Colour Patterns Workbook!

Why settle for boring tracing exercises when you can combine learning through examples such as board games? Our workbook offers an innovative approach to engage your child and promote their cognitive, social, and emotional development. So, give your child a fun way to learn with our workbook today!

Our creative exercises utilise musical instruments as a fun and engaging way to teach your child to trace curved lines. We emphasise music’s crucial role in your child’s development. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to nurture your child’s creativity and skill with our workbook today!

Our exercises challenge your child’s problem-solving abilities while improving their tracing skills. Watching them crack the colour pattern and answer with precision is fascinating. So give your child the gift of a fun and engaging way to learn with our workbook today.

STEP TWO (face) hair tracing worksheets for english pre-primary
STEP TWO (squirrel) tracing lines worksheets for english pre-primary
STEP TWO (pazzle) games worksheets for english pre-primary

Discover Your Child's Creative Genius: Unleash Their Designing Skills with Our Doodling Activity

Discover More Than Just Tracing with Our Workbook!

Challenging Fun for Your Child: Introducing Our Puzzle-Infused Tracing Workbook!

Our fun exercises allow you to explore your child’s imagination while applying the curved lines they’ve learned. Watch their confidence grow as they create unique and exciting designs.

Our innovative exercises go beyond the basics, integrating science and introducing animals and their unique features. Watch your child learn to identify different animals and their tails while improving their tracing skills.

Our innovative exercises provide a mild challenge for your child while keeping them engaged in tracing. Watch as they sharpen their problem-solving skills while improving their tracing abilities.

STEP TWO (yoga) tracing lines worksheets for english pre-primary
STEP TWO (building) tracing lines worksheets for english pre-primary
STEP TWO (building) tracing square worksheets for english pre-primary

Healthy Habits Made Fun: Introducing Our Workbook with Yoga Illustrations!

From Comfort Zone to Mastery: Guiding Space

Real-Life Learning Made Fun: Spark Your Child's Curiosity with Our Innovative Workbook!

We know it can be tough to encourage good habits in your child without nagging, so we’ve integrated healthy lifestyle illustrations into our workbook. Watch your child learn about yoga and other positive practices while improving their tracing skills.

Our innovative exercises provide a comfortable space for your child to begin learning to trace lines. The guiding space gradually shrinks as they progress, challenging your child to improve their skills and reach mastery.

Our exercises are designed to help your child learn shapes and understand their roles in real-life surroundings. By making the concept more relatable and acceptable, we create a curiosity that drives your child to learn and explore.

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How to Use?
  • It is good enough to let your child attempt only one sheet in a day otherwise he will get overwhelmed and confused.
  • The child to attempt the worksheet in sequence i.e. worksheet no1 first and no2 next as the worksheets are designed from easy to difficult and basic to higher.
  • Each worksheet has a solved example. Help child understand the concept. from the solved example before start doing the worksheet.
  • Guide your child to match answer from answer sheet given in the end of the worksheet package.
  • Some worksheets have foot notes. Help your child go through them for better understanding.
  • The worksheets are black and white. Engage your child to color these. They will find it more interesting.