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Soft Copy Price: 399.60
Hard Copy Price: 663.78

Our practice worksheets on Vowels and consonants will help your child master vowels and consonants. These fun activity-based worksheets cover all the possible vowels sounds and their combination and consonants.

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These 80 fun learning worksheets will give your child practice on vowels and consonants. First, he will understand the difference between the two by practicing these activity-based worksheets. Then, your child will practice different combinations of vowels and lastly, consonants.

Multidimensional learning – As we want your child’s foundation to be solid, we have addressed the concept multi-dimensionally. A hundred worksheets, like missing vowels, puzzles, rhyming game, tongue twisters, scrabble and so much more, designed to teach one concept – Vowels and Consonants to your young master in English.

Story Time: Stories are excellent tools for understanding and mastering any language. Don’t forget to use the unique storytime at the end of the package. Idea is to inculcate reading habit in your child from the early stage. They will be able to relate their vowels and consonants when they read a book and reinforce their learning.

Package covers the following learnings:

Introduction to vowels and consonants

  1. Vowels and Consonants
  2. Vowel Combinations (with ‘a’)
  3. Vowel Combinations (with ‘e’)
  4. Vowel Combinations (with ‘i’)
  5. Vowel Combinations (with ‘o’)
  6. Vowel Combinations (with ‘u’)
  7. Vowel Sounds
  8. Vowel Sounds (short ‘a’ sound)
  9. Vowel Sounds (short ‘e’ sound)
  10. Vowel Sounds (short ‘i’ sound)
  11. Vowel Sounds (short ‘o’ sound)
  12. Vowel Sounds (short ‘u’ sound)
  13. Vowel Sounds – 2 vowels combination
  14. Consonant Sounds ( all consonants)
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2 reviews for VOWELS & SOUNDS

  1. Kumar Singha

    I am impressed by the quality of the worksheet. My kids have learned really quickly.

  2. Yojna Kumari

    The product arrived in an attractive packaging. Best workbook found so far.

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How to Use?
  • It is good enough to let your child attempt only one sheet in a day otherwise he will get overwhelmed and confused.
  • The child to attempt the worksheet in sequence i.e. worksheet no1 first and no2 next as the worksheets are designed from easy to difficult and basic to higher.
  • Each worksheet has a solved example. Help child understand the concept. from the solved example before start doing the worksheet.
  • Guide your child to match answer from answer sheet given in the end of the worksheet package.
  • Some worksheets have foot notes. Help your child go through them for better understanding.
  • The worksheets are black and white. Engage your child to color these. They will find it more interesting.