Pre-School | Step One | Early Development Series | Colours, Shapes and Patterns | Activity Based Worksheets

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This workbook contains activity-based worksheets for Preschoolers. It contains worksheets on picture vocabulary, patterns, shape recognition etc. It has 50 coloured activity sheets, along with stickers. 

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Fun activity and colour book for Preschool learning. Children can learn Patterns, work on their picture vocabulary, and shape recognition through cute stickers. activities explained through visual instructions as well. 

There are a total number of 50 coloured worksheets in this activity book. The workbook has an answer key at the end. 

This activity book on ‘Patterns ‘ for preschoolers covers the following :

  1. Picture vocabulary through real-life examples
  2. Sticker activity book
  3. Size perspective 
  4. Story-based reading comprehension
  5. Shape and colour recognition
  6. Colouring pages
  7. Sticker pad for some visual recognition of shapes
  8. “Match the following” exercises

Our Patterns worksheets have visual instructions for preschoolers. These are activity-based pages for children. If you are looking for picture vocabulary worksheets for Pre-primary classes then do give our workbooks a try. 

The visual instructions are easy to follow. The child can even attempt them by themselves.

Why is colour, and pattern recognition important for toddlers?

Pattern recognition is important for toddlers as it helps them develop their cognitive skills, including visual perception and building memory.  

Learning the names from this colour book will expand their vocabulary. It will teach them visual discrimination and a better understanding of the world around them. 

Overall, learning about patterns and colours helps children to build a wide range of important skills. These skills will benefit them in Maths and language-based subjects. 

Our Patterns worksheets prepare preschool children at their foundation level of learning. 

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For a sneak peek, you can try our free sample sheets. The link is provided below. Try and decide for yourself.

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All worksheets are exclusively designed worksheets by experts and experienced Educators. 

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How to Use?
  • It is good enough to let your child attempt only one sheet in a day otherwise he will get overwhelmed and confused.
  • The child to attempt the worksheet in sequence i.e. worksheet no1 first and no2 next as the worksheets are designed from easy to difficult and basic to higher.
  • Each worksheet has a solved example. Help child understand the concept. from the solved example before start doing the worksheet.
  • Guide your child to match answer from answer sheet given in the end of the worksheet package.
  • Some worksheets have foot notes. Help your child go through them for better understanding.
  • The worksheets are black and white. Engage your child to color these. They will find it more interesting.