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Saves Time & Tuition

Saves Time & Tuition

These worksheets helps your child develop skills to solve problems creatively. These worksheets promotes logical thinking and improves decision making skills.

Helps Improve Scores

Helps Improve Scores

Solved examples guides the child , encourages him to do self study and makes him independent learner. These worksheets makes your child more confident.

Helps Master Concepts

Helps Master Concepts

These worksheets ensures that learning takes place. They keep your child engaged and self motivated to learn. It’s no more a fear to face a challenge.

Child Enjoys Self-Study

Child Enjoys Self-Study

These worksheets will help your child to inculcate a habit of studying everyday. He will learn the concepts by just devoting 20 minutes a day.


key2practice worksheets are truly amazing, lucid, easy to understand, highly effective for preparation and fantastic in terms of quality and research. Interesting for both the teacher and the students to clear concepts, these worksheets are a genuine attempt by Indu Jain & her teams to train students across Globe. Other practice books available in the market make Maths really boring for the students and drains them.  Online sessions are also not good for eyes and give a lot of strain to kids as they are glued to the screen the whole day. key2practice worksheets are a perfect solution for it.           Great work, Highly recommended!

Rishabh Kumar Sawansukha, Parent from Gurugram

When I first purchased Key2Practice assignments for my son, I wasn’t sure. But, as my son practiced more Key2practice assignments, he could not only clear the concepts but could handle difficult problems related to the same concepts. Now, Jatin likes to attempt the worksheets on his own and is more confident in solving problems at his school. I really appreciate and thank Key2practice.

Mother of Jatin Anand, Student of Class-IV, School – Modern School

Bharti Anand

Let your child be their best & show their true potential.